Top 5 Meal Ideas for Newbies

Simply entering the kitchen can be a daunting task if you’re a rookie, let alone deciding what to cook! D: Impress your parents, friends and/or next hot date with our top five meal ideas for newbies… Best of all they’re all under $20!

Always a crowd pleaser! Tortillas, burritos or tacos are a super easy meal for beginners because Old El Paso has already done all the work for you. Simply head to the Mexican food section of your supermarket, pick up a packet of spice mix and follow the instructions on the back. Nachos is another great one: just grab corn chips, salsa and cheese and you’re ready to roll.

Literally the easiest meal on earth, as well as super cheap and healthy. Just pick up 500g of meat and a jar of sauce (honey mustard is our personal favourite) cook up a bunch of veggies into your pan and serve with rice!

Everybody loves a good steak. Most supermarkets also sell pre-marinated steaks which already have the flavour added! Just throw in a frypan and cook until desired. Serve with veggies or salad and you’ve got a winner.

Some people get fancy with their spaghetti bolognaise, but we like to keep things simple. Just grab 500g beef mince, a jar of bolognaise sauce, tin of crushed tomatos and an onion. Cook and throw it all together, serve with pasta.

Pizzas is a great meal to whip up yourself, and can be much healthier than Dominos or Eagle Boys. Simply pick up pre-made pizza bases from the frozen food section, add some tomato paste and your favourite pizza toppings – chuck ‘er in the oven and voila!

So there you have it, five meal ideas that are easy, cheap, and bound to impress at your next dinner party!

Comment below if we inspired you to give on of these a try 🙂

FTC xx

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