Budgeting, Saving & Taxes – oh my!

Today we’re talking about dem dolla dolla billz y’all! (yes, I did just say that). Learning how to manage your personal finances once you’re living out of home can be really hard, especially if you’re living on a student budget and prone to the lure of online shopping… But never fear because we have compiled a few websites that should be able to help!

Commbank’s How to Create a Budget
Personal Budgeting Explained
Online Budget Planner from ASIC

➡ Keep a little bit extra in your budget for surprises like fines, bills or a friend’s birthday present. Trust us, they’ll pop up when you least expect!

Commbank Ways to Save
– How to Save Money (with pictures) from WikiHow
100 Tips for Saving Money
Simple Ways to Save

➡ Choose something to save towards, whether it’s a new car or a trip around the world a metaphorical ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ will be the best inspiration for saving those pennies.

ATO’s guide to lodging a tax return
Calculator to determine whether you need to lodge a tax return
MyTax: a free tool for lodging simple tax returns
Etax: a free tool for lodging more complex tax returns 

Finally, check out /r/personalfinance on Reddit for more advice, tips and info on money management!

There you go little birdies, I hope this has been helpful. We may have to live frugally but that doesn’t mean our lives have to be boring and lame! Spending money on yourself every now and then is important, as long as you’re living within your means 🙂 On that note our final piece of advice is: DO NOT GET A CREDIT CARD (unless you’re maintaing a steady income and know you’re good with money).

FTC xx

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Image Source: AMC 

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